Safety Never Takes a Day Off

Torque Industrial specializes in construction and maintenance projects with the energy and oil & gas industries. Recognizing that not all companies are created equal, and that competitive advantages and corporate culture are what truly separates one from another, Torque has continually evolved into a well rounded, full-service company. Torque is fully-staffed, equipped and ready 24/7 to commence and maintain a wide array of projects including facility construction and maintenance for energy and commodity service companies. Other facets of our work include construction and maintenance of sawmills and industrial buildings, and everything in-between.

The quality of work produced by Torque is underscored by safety. We understand that safety never takes a day off, and that we're responsible for the well-being of our employees, and our clients' employees in our work-environments.

Over the years, Torque has obtained multiple safety qualifications, certifications and awards including COR Certification, WCB, ISN Networld and a safety recognition awards from companies like PCL.

If you have any questions about Torque's safety policies and procedures please contact us.