Torque Industrial specializes in construction and maintenance projects with the energy and oil & gas industries. Recognizing that not all companies are created equal, and that competitive advantages and corporate culture are what truly separates one from another, Torque has continually evolved into a well rounded, full-service company. Torque is fully-staffed, equipped and ready 24/7 to commence and maintain a wide array of projects including facility construction and maintenance. Other facets of our work include construction and maintenance.

Torque prides itself in the collective experience of its employees, honing years of experience greater than the age of the Industry itself. Beyond capabilities of construction, maintenance and electrical, Torque is positioned as a master of many more trades -- often referred to by companies like Tolko, QuickSilver, PennWest and Gibsons Energy as one of the most well-rounded construction and maintenance companies in Alberta and BC.

Governed by CWB, ABSA, and other quality control programs, Torque's services are guaranteed to be done right, on time, and safely. "Every day brings new challenges, which we're well-prepared for", says RJ, "being tasked with custom construction responsibilities, or challenged with unique/proprietary projects are simply opportunities for us to showcase our capabilities. Regardless of the project type or size, we're game".

Torque Industrial is competitively priced, available 24/7, and has the capacity to take on more projects. Call 780-832-0445 or inquire online.